The roadmap highlights key achievements, including the successful beta launch and significant social media milestones. Future plans are ambitious, featuring the full release of HIM and HER and strategies for market expansion and audience engagement.

2023 Q4:

· Launch of HIM & HER game.

· Global gaming distribution.

· HIM Genesis NFT I sell.

2024 Q1:

· Launch of HIM 2.0.

· Introduction of new HER characters, modeled after popular KOLs.

· Offline anime-themed events in South Korea and Japan.

· HIM Series II NFT and HER Series I NFT sell.

· Collaborations with globally renowned IPs.

· Partnerships with global comic conventions.

2024 Q2:

· Expanded character choices for HIM or HER, making it easier for players to find their ideal type.

· Global offline anime-themed events.

· Launch of HER 2.0.

· More new game titles to come featuring AI and blockchain technology.

· Anime-themed pop-up events at globally famous landmarks.

· Partnerships with comic conventions.

There are more to come, stay tuned!

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