💲Governance token

By owning the Governance token, you not only have the power to shape the future of the game, such as introducing new boyfriend types, game modes, and prop varieties, but you also receive additional benefits!

Taking inspiration from the VE model, the more tokens you stake and the longer you've been a user, the greater your voting rights become.


$AI token holders can vote on gameplay governance decisions, including prioritizing in-game item upgrades (e.g upgrade accessories from SR to SSR), or to decide future Accessories/New Boyfriend Types.

In-game purchase

$AI can be exchanged for in-game tokens, which can be used to purchase clothes, accessories, upgrade cards, etc.

Top-up discount

$AI holders can have a top-up discount with in-game tokens.

In-game PK

Users who stake $AI to vote for their own boyfriends/girlfriends to compete, with the winner receiving more rewards.

It's important to note that the supply of governance tokens is limited. Please refer to the next page for a detailed schedule.

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