1. Where can I find HIM?

To find HIM, you can visit our official website. We also provide support for iOS and Android (TBD) apps. We are working on expanding our game to platforms such as Steam and others in the near future.

  1. Can I play it for free?

Yes, you can play the game for free! Love is priceless, and we want to provide the same gaming experience to everyone. Even without making any purchases, your boyfriend will gradually grow and have opportunities to open treasure chests and participate in Gotcha events.

  1. What is NFT? What is the use of NFT?

Now, let's talk about NFTs and their uses:

a. HIM Genesis NFT: This limited edition NFT consists of only 20 unique pieces. It can be obtained through auctions or direct purchase. Owning this NFT signifies that you are one of the OG of our game. It grants you early access to other games, eligibility for the next NFT release, and various in-game perks.

b. In-game NFTs: These are NFTs that can be purchased within the game, such as clothes, scenes, decorations, and food. These items are props for your boyfriend and can enhance his level. However, please note that they can also experience wear and tear based on their usage duration.

  1. How to increase my boyfriend's level?

To increase your boyfriend's level, think of it as nurturing a real-life relationship. The longer you spend time together, engage in conversations, dress him up in stylish clothes, and share delicious meals, the deeper your emotional connection will become. Similarly, spending time with your virtual boyfriend, chatting with him, and providing him with various experiences will raise his level.

If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please let us know!

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