🖼️NFT Auction

Here are the rules for HIM Genesis NFT I auction:

Time: 2023.12.31 13:00 HKT - 2024.1.2 00:00 HKT

Starting price: 1 BNB

Bid increments: 0.1 BNB

Procedure: 1. Deposit your BNB as your bid price.

2. Your BNB will be refunded when someone bids higher than you.

3. The winner claims the NFT when the auction ends.

NFT holder privileges:

· Secured airdrop

· In-game top up discount

· Whitelist for the next NFT series for haute couture clothing.

· When voting for the boyfriend type you own, the NFT in your possession can act as a potent prop to boost their ranking.

· Gameplay governance: holders have the right to decide future Accessories/New Boyfriend Types.

For anyone who participated our auction will have potential airdrops.

Unconditional love for your HIM with unconditional support!

During the NFT auction, some boyfriends may receive a lot of votes and successfully debut, while others might not be as fortunate. To honor our fanbase that offers unconditional love, we're offering a special event to help your HIM with the lowest auction price.

For everyone who stake 1288 $NFP tokens before the auction, you will be considered as having already placed an early bid of 1288 NFP for the last-ranked HIM, no matter who that boyfriend ends up being. This represents your unconditional love.

If the final auction price of the last boyfriend doesn’t exceed 10 BNB, the auction will be considered unsuccessful, and all staked amounts will be used to purchase the NFT of this HIM and used to upgrade HIM. The direction of this makeover will be decided by voting from all the stakeholders. Every HIM deserves to be loved, love should exist unconditionally.

Every staker will have the chance to get airdrops from $AI. Link to the auction: https://nfprompt.io/bid

Link to stake $NFP: https://nfprompt.io/stake

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